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I'm not great at keeping up with Blogs and Twitter however now I have a Twitter page I will aim to keep my musical life and news more up to date along with the NEWS,GIG GUIDE and recent MIXING and PRODUCTION WORK sections on this site. If all goes quiet for a while then that generally means that I'm in the studio in musical Mixing/Production and Writing new music overload or I have died !



EVOLUTION STUDIOS OPEN IN OXFORD I've been involved with the design of this major new studio now opened in Oxford. The studio owner is Nick Moorbath who used the same builders and technical team who also built and wired my new Ox-4-Sound studio in east Oxford completed in November 2010. Evolution studio combines the best of new DAW with classic old school analogue technology. At the heart of the studio in the control room is a fully refurbished vintage Trident 80b recording console acquired from the legendary Sawmills studio in Cornwall. Trident consoles became famous in the 1970's when artists such as Lou Reed, Queen and David Bowie made records on them. It's the definitive great British console. This desk is the sister board of the Sawmills Trident 80b desk, which Ride used to record "Carnival Of Light". Other albums recorded on this console around that time include debut albums by The Stone Roses, Oasis,The Verve and Supergrass. The recording room also pulls together some great gear and mics gathered together from Nick Moorbath, Sam Williams (also involved in the studio design) and myself. This includes a 60's Hammond Organ with Leslie, a Mark 2 vintage Fender Rhodes piano and an Ampeg Classic bass rig. I look forward to continuing my recording and production work in Evolution which will be used in conjunction with my Ox-4-Sound studio which serves primarily as my mixing room. This way all involved in Evolution can provide a cost effective way to continue making records back to the same standard in Oxfordshire that was once enjoyed before great studios such as the Manor and Chipping Norton sadly closed.

Anyone Can Play Guitar BFI London (15/12/2011)


Anyone Can Play Guitar BFI London With the release of Both "Anyone Can Play Guitar" and "Upside Down" music documentaries in 2011 the year became a year of many screenings and Q+A's. Both documentaries ended up in the NME top 10 with "Upside Down" hitting the number 1 spot and "Anyone Can Play Guitar" hitting number 7. Hit both links for trailers, news and info on future screenings and details to buy the DVD's.

In the photo, many of the Oxford Music people at the BFI screening of Anyone Can Play Guitar. Hit the link below for part of the BFI Q+A presented by Adam Buxton with Jon Spira, Ed O Brien, Mark Gardener, Gaz Coombes and Nick Cope.

CLEAN AIR CLEAR STARS FESTIVAL 2011 / An Englishman in a Desert , What could Possibly Go Wrong ? My gig of the year and new favourite festival ! (12/12/2011)


CLEAN AIR CLEAR STARS FESTIVAL 2011 / An Englishman in a Desert , What could Possibly Go Wrong ?  My gig of the year and new favourite festival ! On Saturday 24th September 2011 I played the Clean Air Clear Stars festival in Pioneer Town in The Joshua Tree, California with Skyparade backing me up and Joel Gion on Tambourine. This was definitely my gig highlight of the year and one of the best festival weekends I have enjoyed for a very long time. Aside from falling into a Cacti at some point everything else went extremely well ! Other highlight acts that I watched and loved included, Miracle Falls, Miranda Lee Richards, Spindrift and Adam Franklin and Bolts Of Melody. I totally recommend this festival and everybody that was involved in playing, partying and making this festival happen. Thanks for getting me back out there ! X MG

( Photo) The Dawn Patrol photo taken at sunrise on my phone. No 3D Glasses required there.




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